Thursday, January 15, 2009

Proud Mary

I don't pretend to know why Tina does the things that she does. I'm just here to document it.

A few months back my good friend Truly wrote on her own blog that she was having visions of Tina Turner terrorizing vintage illustrated Chinese villagers. I thought that was the funniest thing and laughed out loud. In fact, months later, I'm still laughing out loud whenever I think of it and things have started getting uncomfortable in public places. So this had to be done, cause it's too funny not to be done. Truly, my quirky minded friend, this is for you.

I also posted this on Illustration Friday. For those who might not be familiar, IF is a website that presents a weekly illustration challenge for anyone who wants to participate. Every Friday a new topic is chosen, and it is left up to you to interpret in your own fashion. Once you're done you can post and link to your masterpiece of illustration genius on the site, or just spend a few joy-filled hours browsing the other posted work. This weeks topic was Contained. (NOT Tina Turner as you may have guessed. ha!) Some people cant be contained, others you can just stuff into jars and save for later. Yeah it's silly and a bit irreverent, but it's the first image that popped into my head when I read "contained."

In other news, I got to see this Cowboy chasing a cow statue while visiting my family in Texas.

It was neat.


  1. I LOVE THIS!!!!!! I especially appreciate that she has a jar to put villagers in. Some for the road!

  2. Wow! Nice work. Did you 'sample' the samurai people or are they original drawings of your own?

    I might have to check out this illustrated friday thingy.

  3. Thanks guys! To answer your question: I got tons of reference of Japanese villagers and warriors, picked what styles I liked best and drew them all together. So this also explains why I got the costuming all mixed up date wise. I have no idea if it's near correct. But I thought, Hey- it's a giant Tina Turner in ancient Japan history. Do I really need to be spot on?

  4. That is truly amazing. I ask.... nay... I demand that I get a copy of that illustration to hang on my wall as a token of my friends genius tallents. Rokk!!!

  5. For over a year, maybe even two, now, I've used your and Jesse's artwork almost exclusively as my desktop pictures at work. Up to now, I've chosen the more, umm, mild of your pieces because my computer screen is partially visible from the hallway of the building and there are a lot of people and children who walk by. Last week, I think because of my car situation, as well as the anticipation of three to four extra busy weeks at work, I put this picture up. I think I freaked out my committee chair with it today. Just wanted you to know...

  6. This is awesome!!!! I really enjoyed the design and line work! Great illo.