Thursday, February 24, 2011


Hangin' on the Telephone - Debbie Harry

I've been updating my website, trying to make the thing more functional. Hence no more flash. sorry flash! It's not that I have anything against you... it's just. everyone else does?

Above is a little illustration for the contact section. I ask you, who would make a better mascot for the telephone then 80's new wave icon Debbie Harry? No one. not one person or thing. With at least 2 hits based around telephone calls, she's got everyone beat. I'm looking at you Tommy Tutone.


  1. Love your illustrations.
    Do you draw your illustrations using eg. pencil on paper or do you use a graphics pad?

  2. Hi Linda. Thanks for the compliment and question.

    I use pencil mostly. Sometimes I use the tablet to fill in spots. In this particular image I made the drawing and then worked some color into it using a brush in photoshop. Sometimes I just like the combo.