Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Joanna Moody - Pocket of Treasures

Joanna Moody - Pocket of Treasures

I recently had the pleasure of designing and creating artwork for the CD sleeve of acoustic songbird Joanna Moody. This is her first full-length release, self produced with lots of time and dedication. Please check her out, get songs, or order your copy directly at her site on Bandcamp.

One reason I loved working with Joanna was her complete openness towards the project. She described the general feelings she wanted to provoke, often speaking about the paradoxes she aspires to express within her music: sophisticated but quirky, sweet with a darkness, beauty with an edge. Then she shared her songs with me for inspiration.

On the left is the chosen sketch. I started by creating a few logos, and then moved on to the art. This may seem a little backwards, but worked out just fine!

Here's another font/sketch combo:

Once the cover was complete, the inside, disc, and trifold insert was created using elements from the illustration.
Here is the final product:

Thanks Joanna, for all your trust during the project!

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