Wednesday, April 23, 2008

LACDA Reception

Here are a few pictures from the Downtown Art Walk that took place on April 10th. There was a lot of art to check out, and people to watch! My piece, "It's What We Do," was being shown at the LACDA. (Los Angeles Center for Digital Art) It's in an awesome location, amongst a cluster of other galleries on the aptly named "Gallery Row." (who would've thought?) So there was a huge turnout.

Band playing some Bob Marley tunes outside the Pharmaka gallery. Forgive me, I don't know their name. Perhaps "The Bob Marley Cover Tunes Band?" : ) Seen here performing "No Women No Cry."

Documenting a Documenter.

One thing that disappointed me was that the gallery printed my piece out at about half of it's original size. But it's an understandable move- they had a lot of work to fit into the space, and probably wanted everything to hang evenly. Still it bummed me out a little... I prefer the image at a whopping 24x36, not to mention I priced it accordingly. whoops! ah well, the show was lovely no matter!

This image, by Tama Hochbaum, is one of my favorites at the show.

Adorable puppy loves art.

I'm very happy to be amongst the artist chosen for "Top 40." Special thanks to the LACDA and it's busy curator Rex Bruce for the opportunity!

*Edit: Added some photos taken by the LACDA's photographer.