Monday, February 15, 2010

Archways Magazine

Archways Magazine - Winter 09-10, Volume 9, Issue 4

Here are 5 illustrations I made a few months back for an article in Archways Magazine called "Taking Shape." It's about the future plans and possibilities for Nebraska Wesleyan Universities' Campus. I worked with art director Melanie Falk, who was interested in having dream like imagery to represent the future structures on campus. You can view the other images and read the article online here. (I really think the images look better at this link then in the pictures below, but I wanted to share the layout out of the article here cause I like it!)

This one features the building "Old Main" that has been at the heart of campus for 120 years.

Campus map showing avenues for growth.

The above represents the goal of NWU to have an open and simbiotic relationship between its campus and the surrounding community.

One of the biggest plans is constructing an entirely new science facility or significantly renovating or expanding on their main science building "Olin Hall."

Here's how the cover initially started:

and where it ended:

I had a lot of fun with this one. It was quite a challenge to get the 5 to work as a set. I tried using a sort of "split screen" approach for the majority, but also picking a color scheme and using it along with similar textures through-out helped a ton. If anyone has suggestions as to how to make these types of sets work together, I'd love to hear it!

LA Weekly

Here's a fun little something you can find while flipping through the LA weekly this week: a calendar! Look for a brilliant blue insert with a picture of a Chihuahua in a bee costume being attacked by a shark while riding the waves on konica minolta 1050. Unfold that sucker and you'll find... another chihuahua in costume. yay! This time being walked by some sexy legs.

looks great on fridges:
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