Monday, July 21, 2008

New Postcards Out!

I have a set of new promotional postcards! They have been addressed and stamped and sent along their way. Well, maybe it wasn't that easy... I did have to endure the dour post office man as he sniffled, clearly unamused by my inability to pick the correct amount for postage to an over seas address. "Screw this guy!" I thought, and promptly took my business elsewhere:

I'd also like to take this moment to show some love for my new mode of transport: the Electra Amsterdam Classic 3 speed daemon.

I call her Savage Tea. (I think only Truly will recognize the origins of this name- being the only other person I know trying to make it through the crawling epic novel I am a Cat by Soseki Natsume. It takes a bit of work!) When I went to the bike shop I brought a picture with me to illustrate the type of bicycle I was dreaming of.

Turns out the human race isn't as far advanced as I thought. No sea travel for me but that's okay; At least I have two folding wire baskets that make grocery trips a breeze. But the dream lives on.

I'm starting to appreciate the city of Santa Clarita more all thanks to the Tea. There are numerous shaded and well kept bike/walking paths running through parks, past lovely public pools, over and under all the major roads and behind houses in the burbs. You can tell the city thought hard about the set up. Thanks city!

My favorite thing to do now is ride and take action shots of Jesse on his bike. I know this is dangerous, and yes I still need to purchase a helmet... but you cant stop me, I am an agent of chaos. nyah!

briiing briiiing! Jesse says hello!