Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Weekly Dig

Social Butterflies and Candy Cigarettes - Cover of Boston's WeeklyDig

My illustration "Social Butterflies and Candy Cigarettes" has been featured on the cover on Boston's Weekly Dig! It's the cover girl for their "5 Drink Minimum issue." I believe this is an annual thing; The Dig's writers  go out into the Boston night life, have five drinks, and attempt to write about their evenings from the midst of lushie-drunken stupors. There should be a similar "requirement"  in all jobs... and, as my own boss, I will take it upon myself and force me to drink five drinks, create some art, and blog about it. Hope you guys like stick figures of sharks doing monkeys, and other such depravity.

This cover will soon be available for purchase here as a framed 8.5"x11" for $20 + shipping. So, if you've always wanted to buy me lunch but never had the nerve to ask, do the next best thing and support me financially by buying this print. The millions of lunches ensuing from the checks I receive will feed my body and nourish your soul. Thank you family, and you friends... and you most of all, Anonymous.

I want to give a big thank you to the Dig's Art director, Tak Toyoshima, for being freakin' awesome.  As well as a special thank you to Genevieve Sass for having a big mouth.  And to make up for that sorta back handed, but heart felt, thank you: Go check out her design work at Lilac Creative and get yourself a nifty new blog makeover!