Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Animation Bible

Are you an animator in need of a bible? (and I'm not talkin' Jesus Christ, superstars, Santa Claus or kissing pretty girls.) I'm talking the only bible you will ever need, and look no further friends... for it is here: The Animation Bible! : A Guide to Everything- From Flipbooks to Flash. This handy resource is written by Maureen Furniss, a teacher of experimental and character animation at CalArts.

(UK cover)

Here are some images that I made for Maureen's book to help illustrate some animation concepts and techniques:

Mouth shapes and lip syncing : These are nine basic mouth movements for English language dialogue.

Example of shot/ reverse shot. Typically used after a wide establishing shot to show characters in conversation.

Illustrates how angles can affect how you read into a character. "High angles suggest weakness, a low angle creates strength, and a canted angle reveals uncertainty."

Three examples of how the proximity of your characters to each other can create different levels of tension and emotion.

Whoa, look at this guy. It's my brother. He's also in the book helping to illustrate a sketchy, gestural drawing style. Little known fact: When he was little he dressed up like a CareBear- everyday. He preferred Bedtime Bear. (Hey Ryan!) Nowadays he is a black belt, ATA, Taekwondo instructor and will probably kill me dead for blasphemous rumors.

Thank you Maureen!