Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Climb

Climbing - Topic for Illustration Friday

The above illustration features my good friend Jay Thompson. Somehow, I convinced him to climb into a tree and model in some very difficult positions for an previous illustration. The payment was probably in Riesen dark chocolate chews and Pappa Johns bread sticks... I'm feeling ashamed and amused by this cheapness. Mostly amused.

It was my original intention to re-work and improve some of my older illustrations. But I had this great out-take shot of Jay hanging wearied from the tree branch, and decided to work with it instead. I don't know why I love this idea of a dude in a nice clean suit climbing a tree. I wonder how long he's been hanging there. Will he try for the top? And, assuming he hasn't just given up, once he finally reaches his goal what will he do? What's waiting for him up there? A good view? Is he a peeping tom? Does he plan to jump? Was this a dare? Is there gold in them thar branches? I don't know, but I like to think about it.

Though I'm usually not depressed, I'm not feeling particularly optimistic today. I spent a lot of time sending out e-mails, looking at job postings, and trying to find a cheap apartment in LA somewhere. *Special note to my mid-west friends: I do mean "cheap" in Californian terms. There is story after story on NPR about California's economic troubles. and oh. Oh nice. It might be fun to mention that just now I heard a news story about the peanut-butter recall while eating a peanut-butter toast snack. I'm doomed!

Also, I'm really missing my car today.

It was towed away back in August... and while my bike is hands down the best decision I've ever made-ever; I just miss driving alone singing along to tapes and the radio. (yeah, tapes!) Not having a car has been a non-issue till these past few weeks as Jesse and I have been looking into new jobs and a new apartment. Chances are that as soon as these things are found, the heartache I feel for my old blue Chevy will die. But right now I cant help but reminisce. I cant believe I got so attached to a car that months latter I still mourn it, it seems silly. Please tell me about your weird, materialistic attachments. Make me feel normal!

Thursday, January 22, 2009


Pale - Topic for Illustration Friday

Hummingbirds are mother nature's color sampler tools. Would I lie to you?

I finished this illustration on the Jan 21st, 2009. Not a bad birthday for an illustration! Obama's first official day in office was the one and only thing the world was talking about yesterday. It seems only right I send my congrats as well, and dedicate this piece to the day. I imagine Big O is feeling pretty overwhelmed tonight, what with all the briefings and meetings piling up. I wonder if he's gotten to the fun stuff yet... like that part about the massive government cover-up concerning UFO phenomena. I wonder still, will he keep his promise to make government more open and accountable to us? I'll give him a few days to let it all sink in of course. I'm sure he's learning secrets so extensive they will forever change his perspective on the universe. I expect my Interstellar Telleporter delivered within 5 - 7 business days with signature confirmation, Mister President.

I'd also like to dedicate this to my boy, Jesse. Jes just got his masters studying Experimental Animation at the California Institute of the Arts, and his brand-new beautiful website can be seen here. Check it out and tell your friends. You know, all those friends you have working in animation studios. Yeah, those ones. He just got an animation gig at Duck Studios for a few weeks, and the 21st turned out to be his draining first day as well. Only thing is Obama gets Air Force One while Jesse gets a 2 hour train/ bus commute. I bring this up mostly to drive home the point that Obama needs to give us all teleporters.

Here he is with fellow animation wizards, Daniel Ash and Dillion Markey, on their last day and CalArts.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Proud Mary

I don't pretend to know why Tina does the things that she does. I'm just here to document it.

A few months back my good friend Truly wrote on her own blog that she was having visions of Tina Turner terrorizing vintage illustrated Chinese villagers. I thought that was the funniest thing and laughed out loud. In fact, months later, I'm still laughing out loud whenever I think of it and things have started getting uncomfortable in public places. So this had to be done, cause it's too funny not to be done. Truly, my quirky minded friend, this is for you.

I also posted this on Illustration Friday. For those who might not be familiar, IF is a website that presents a weekly illustration challenge for anyone who wants to participate. Every Friday a new topic is chosen, and it is left up to you to interpret in your own fashion. Once you're done you can post and link to your masterpiece of illustration genius on the site, or just spend a few joy-filled hours browsing the other posted work. This weeks topic was Contained. (NOT Tina Turner as you may have guessed. ha!) Some people cant be contained, others you can just stuff into jars and save for later. Yeah it's silly and a bit irreverent, but it's the first image that popped into my head when I read "contained."

In other news, I got to see this Cowboy chasing a cow statue while visiting my family in Texas.

It was neat.