Tuesday, November 4, 2008

PRISM Submissions & Voter Hysterics

I have made, and am currently working on, some new illustrations for PRISM international! The mag wont be out for awhile, but here is a little taste:

This will be featured in their 2009 Spring issue. I wanted to post this early and let everybody know that PRISM is currently looking for fiction, nonfiction and poetry submissions for this issue. It has a visual arts theme and here is some extra info about it from their fiction editor, Michelle Miller:

Dearest PRISM friends, foes and contributors,
We are putting together our Spring 2009 theme issue, exploring the relationship between literature and visual art. We have already received some really exciting illustrations, graphic stories and poems, but we want even more.

Because you're brilliant, we're hoping that you'll send us some fiction, nonfiction or poetry with a strong visual element, whether your piece deals with art directly or leaves us with a strong and delicious mental image.

Please consider sending something our way. Submission guidelines can be found on our website at www.prismmagazine.ca

And stay tuned for information about our 2009 fiction contest, and our very first ever full-scale poetry contest, coming this week.

Michelle Miller
fiction editor.

So get your writing on, and while youre at it: Get your vote on!

That's right! Today is Nov 4th- finally time to get out the vote. I did it bright and early today, and didn't even have to wait in line. It's a beautiful brisk day here in CA, my mood is high and my veins are pumping a combination of adrenaline and java. After punching it for Barack ,and giving a big fat NO-hole to Prop 8, Jesse and I hiked over to Starbucks for some free voter-coffee. (Maybe later we'll get voter-ice cream from Ben and Jerry's.)

It's nice to feel excited about an election, and I hope we can keep the momentum. No matter who wins, there will be change. I don't think any of our candidates (and guess what: there are more then 2... who knew?) will lead us down the road to ruin... just repeat that 10 times and take deep breaths. But "darned it" I will plug for Obama all the way! So will Dean. Dean is my cat. She loves Obama... don't let the wink fool you. She's just being ironic.

P.S. I've also gave my web page a facelift. Please let me know what you think, or if you have any suggestions!