Sunday, April 5, 2009

Time Out New York

Crimes of Passion - Time Out NY

My latest illustration can be found in the Seek section of Time Out New York, issue #704! Pick it up or read it in the Sex and Dating section of their website. It accompanies fun, inspirational stories about people committing "crimes of passion." These are some great, if sneaky, ideas about how to weasel your way into private events and parties. So let's save some money and have a good time!

I got to work with Time Out's awesome designer Kathryn Brazier on this one, and she was looking to play up the sneaky-slinkiness of a couple committing an act of "derring-do." I also had a personal goal: to give some love to the blondes and redheads of the world. I have neglected you... Here are some preliminaries:

A great phrase, derring-do. I would like to commit courageous acts of derring-do with a disembodied narrator cracking puns at me the whole time. (I'm thinking this guy: Moose and Squirrel.) Incidentally, I was confused about the spelling of derring-do... I had always assumed it was daring. So I looked it up and found this interesting literary mishap. Also in this article: handy tips on how to swash your buckle.

Thank you Kathryn and the folks at Time Out New York!